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Merencanakan dan memiliki perjalanan yang sempurna Anda dengan TripAdvisor, situs perjalanan terbesar di dunia. Menelusuri lebih 190 juta candid ulasan, opini, dan foto dari hotel, restoran, atraksi,

dan banyak lagi – semua oleh wisatawan seperti Anda. Anda juga akan menemukan harga tiket pesawat rendah, panduan wisata gratis, daftar liburan sewa di seluruh dunia, forum populer dengan nasihat tentang hampir setiap

tujuan, dan banyak lagi. Tidak heran jika banyak wisatawan TripAdvisor membuat pertama mereka berhenti sebelum setiap perjalanan.

Selamat Datang. Anda mengunjungi http://www.tripadvisor.com Lanjutkan kunjungan Anda ke http://www.tripadvisor.com

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Mayor Betsy Hodges

A few days before the November 4th election, I took a photo with an organizer while doorknocking to get the vote out. In that photo, the organizer and I pointed at one another (after, it has often been remarked, an awkward moment of set-up). A local news station ran a story that the pointing of our fingers constituted gang signs, that the photo undermined the morale of the officers in the Minneapolis Police Department, and that participating in the photo constituted poor judgment on my part. The head of the Minneapolis Police Federation — the union that represents Minneapolis police officers — made a comment publicly to that effect. He said, “She should know better” and asked, “Is she on the side of the cops or the gangs?”

As one of the two people pointing in the photo, I’ve tried to understand what the head of the police union…

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Giving Up the Ghost

Tales from the Reading Room

giving up the ghostI often think it’s harder to write about a book you’ve really loved than one you haven’t liked at all. Just as it takes more muscles to smile than to frown (and it really does, the other way round is a myth propagated by a conspiracy of determined optimists), it takes more firing synapses to praise than condemn. I’m tempted to say of Hilary Mantel’s memoir: It’s brilliant, go and read it, and just leave this review concise. But maybe it’s useful if I say a word or two – and give you a quote or two – in justification.

Hilary Mantel grew up just outside of Manchester, the majority of her immediate family living in two neighbouring houses, her grandmother presiding over one, her grandmother’s sister in the other. In and out of their houses all the time, she’s greeted by her great-aunt, Annie Connor:

“Hello, our ‘Ilary,”… my…

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Dear Mom

The Monster in Your Closet

Dear Mom,

I still have two of your voicemails.

Hello, farewell

Those voicemails riled me up when you left them. Marry that sweet man of yours! you told me. You loved Anthony the moment you met him. And why wouldn’t you? He exudes loving patience, something you had so little opportunity to experience in your life.

Just drive to Vegas and marry him! you followed up, in your living room, on the phone, in your voicemails. It’s really not that far, and you’ll be glad you did! Even if he’s bad at finances. What couple doesn’t argue over money?

I grumbled that I’d stop taking your calls if you kept trying to push marriage on me. You knew that wasn’t what I wanted. I’d hid under the table as your own husband beat you black and blue. I’d heard your screams as you tried to keep him from hurting my siblings and me, too. I’d…

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